Instagram opened the door for me to meet a professional wrestler.  D’Marco “Rocketboy” Wilson reached out to me to draw a caricature of him.  Long story short, he gave me the ok to incorporate him into this story line. This is obviously the first page.  I’m using different approaches trying to investigate different ways to accomplish the strip.  I’m going to write out story based scripts.  I’ll probably try to sneak in some single joke gags between the different stories, but for the most part I’m going to give story writing a go for a while.  I’m also going to test out different technology tools to see how good I can get the visuals.  I’ll try to write or record some notes on things that I’ve learned while using the technology and where I am physically to see how the external variables affect my artistic improvement or degradation.

I began writing this story using Adobe Story.  That is Adobe’s script writing software.  I like it for it’s script formatting capabilities.  It also saves your script to your creative cloud account.  That means you are able to access your script on any computer where you have Story installed.  You’re even able to share your script with any co-writers.

I ended up finishing the script using Google docs.  I use laptops and mobile devices to get work done.  Looks like Story is an Adobe AIR application, so I can’t use it on my ipad.  I used Google docs on all of my technology.  There was plenty of times I had Google docs open and I used Siri to transcribe text as I spoke to her.

Random note, I have her call me Sweetheart.

That’s it for now.  I hope you enjoy The Part Time Job.  Check out Rocketboy’s YouTube channel: