After a timid alien and his incorrigible robot played their part in accidentally blowing up Krypton and Cyberton, the bumbling duo is banished from their home planet and head to earth because, well,  there is no where else to go. Now they have to exist on Earth without blowing it up.


Robots ‘n Aliens is about a couple of space creatures:  Chupi, a timid chupacabra that has gone against every fiber of his being to become a vegetarian, and Rob, a robot assigned to and biologically linked to Chupi at birth.  Rob describes their relationship as being tighter than Rosie O’Donnell’s girdle.  As Chupi’s luck would have it, Rob is an attention hog with substance abuse problems.  This creates a problem because Chupi doesn’t want any extra attention.  Not just because he is an introvert and doesn’t like to be the center of attention, but he doesn’t have his green card and is living in the United States illegally.  Together, they hold the potential to be the superhero Rob has always wanted to be.   As complete opposites, being a superhero comes with the fame Chupi dreads.